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Thanks to everyone that joined us live for the 2023 Cammy Awards Results Show! The full stream is available below!

Voting is still open for "Sponsored" categories such as Miss November & upcoming Queen Of Cams + Diva Of The Year contests! All funds collected in sponsored contests are used to finance prizes and shipping to models in the following year's contest/prize planning.

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>>Attention Models, please register to participate in upcoming events!




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You may vote FREE 5 times daily! Additionally, the "Sponsored Contests" allow paid voting options:

>>Contribute ANY paid CamRating / SMC Points to add models to the Miss December 2023 contest, ends December 6, 2023!

>>Play Naughty Football each week in the NFL season to help models ranking!

>>Attention Models, please register to participate in upcoming events!

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Contests marked “sponsored” contain both free and paid voting options. Free voting in most sponsored contests will end between 2-24 hours prior to the conclusion of contest to allow the judges to post a scoreboard with current vote totals. In the monthly "Miss Cammy Awards" sponsored contests, no vote totals are listed. Instead, a ranking is available on CamRating.com throughout the month to track progress. In sponsored contests, paid votes are accepted until 11:35PM EST on the final night of contest unless another time is specified. Voting for the Core-20 Categories will conclude on or around June 12, 2023. In the voting for the Core-20 titles, voting for first place in some categories may end retroactively without notice to allow time for current leader to prepare acceptance clip for awards show. In those cases, voting will remain active until the June 12 cutoff to determine placement of the TOP 6 to be displayed on the show. Twitter handles are used as model usernames in our contests. Models are responsible for reporting changes to their Twitter handle to our judges (DM @CammyAwards on Twitter). All decisions by the judges are final.





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